Modern Technology and Today’s Funeral Home

Has the funeral industry caught up with today’s technology? Right…………….
We have got a long way to go!!!! However, there have been some giant leaps made for us by our suppliers and associations. Casket companies, bronze manufactures, database operations and many more have blazed the trail with web sites, industry software, training CDs, and the list goes on. Now is the time for the industry to take advantage of what’s available.


Batesville is a pioneer in providing cutting edge software for use in today’s funeral home. Meaningful Memories Planner, an at-need arrangement software application, is the guide for the planning of meaningful funerals. The display of services, products, and personalization will provide the funeral director with a multitude of opportunities in creating a meaningful funeral experience for the grieving family. With the addition of plasma screens in the arrangement rooms, all vital information and planning takes effect directly in front of the family.