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IMPORTANT - COVID Vaccine Information for Deathcare Workers

Please use the attached letter to assist your deathcare workers in obtaining the Covid Vaccine as part of the "essential workers" classification for priority distribution.

HELPFUL INFORMATION: In states where people are trying to get very clear and concise language from the governor to place deathcare workers high on the list, the process is slow and in some cases not working.  However, in places where people are just going to their local level of distribution and saying "Hey, I am a deathcare worker and part of essential workers (sometimes using the attached letter)" they are having much better luck.  In addition, we have been told that at the county level, sometimes they end up with vaccines that need to be distributed.  By talking to your county early, sometimes a deathcare provider can be placed on a list in case there is extra - and then get a last minute call saying to come in now, we have vaccines available.

COVID Vaccine - Essential Worker Letter

Your SCCFA is watching out for you, our members.  Please let us hear from you, should you need assistance.  

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